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BV BVR copper core PVC insulated / flexible wire
BV is a single-core copper wire, which is hard and inconvenient for construction, but has high strength.
Product description

BV is a single-core copper wire, which is hard and inconvenient for construction, but has high strength. BVR is a multi-core copper wire, which is soft and convenient for construction, but has low strength. BV single-core copper wire is generally a fixed place; BVR wire is a copper-core PVC insulated flexible wire, which is used in places where flexible wiring is required for fixed wiring, and is generally used in places with slight movement. In addition, the current carrying capacity of BVR multi-strand lines is larger than that of single-strand lines, and the price is also higher. Generally, BVR can be used in the cabinet.

Product parameters:

Product structure: conductor + insulation. The main material of the conductor is mostly oxygen-free copper, consisting of multiple strands of copper wire, and the insulation is PVC.

Executive standard: JB / T 8734-2012 GB / T5023-2008.

Quality standard: 3C certification

Rated voltage: The wire is immersed in water for 1 hour and subjected to AC 50Hz 2500V (450 / 750V), 2000V (300 / 500V) voltage test for 5 minutes without breakdown.

Working temperature: The maximum working temperature is not more than 70 ° C, the maximum working temperature of BVR-105 is 105 ° C, and the wiring temperature should not be lower than 0 ° C.

Allowable bending radius: those with an outer diameter (D) of less than 25mm shall not be less than 4D; those with an outer diameter (D) of 25mm or more shall not be less than 6D.

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, black, brown, yellow-green, white, etc., can be customized according to requirements.

Uses: Suitable for power, household electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications equipment and other circuits with an AC rated voltage of 450 / 750V and below, and it is mostly used in various kinds of machinery and equipment with strong flexibility.

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