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Russia's largest wind farm opened in kurmansk

The Russian Italian joint project will place 57 wind turbines along the Barents Sea, about 80 kilometers from Murmansk, to avoid emitting about 600000 tons of carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere. Kolskaya wind farm will be opened in 2020 and constructed by Italian Enel and its subsidiary Enel green power. "As the construction of the facility begins, we are confirming our commitment to Russia's transition to a low-carbon economy," the head of the European and euro Mediterranean Affairs Department of Enel group said at a recent foundation ceremony for the wind farm. Despite Moscow's acceptance of the 2015 Paris climate agreement targets, the new windmill facilities represent the long-term efforts of the Murmansk state government to demonstrate green energy projects. The Russian government proposes a strategy that by 2020, about 4.5% of the country's energy will be produced from renewable energy. However, the industry believes that Russia is far behind the renewable energy goals outlined in the energy strategy. Between 2025 and 2035, Russia plans to spend only about $6 billion on renewable energy projects, accounting for only 5 gigawatts of power generation.