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Zhongyi Cable Co., Ltd. will provide users with various high-quality services before, during and after sales.
1. During the period of selecting manufacturers and cable models, the pre-sale service users are warmly welcome to visit our company. We will provide all conveniences and provide users with all kinds of technical consultation, answer users' questions, introduce the basic structure of cable, production process and testing methods of technical standards, understand users' requirements in detail, and provide necessary technical data.
2. After the signing of the sales service contract, users are welcome to send someone to our company to supervise the production and manufacturing process. We will actively cooperate and provide convenience for work and life. We will take seriously and improve in time any comments on cable manufacturing quality put forward by the supervisor. Before the delivery inspection, we will inform the users to come to our company for witnessing and provide convenience for work and life. Before the product is delivered, it will be packed in accordance with the contract, and the user will be informed of the arrival time of the goods.
Adopt automobile transportation, and provide the user with certificate of conformity, factory test report and delivery list along with the goods. Our company will be responsible for any damage to the goods during transportation.
3. After sales service
In the process of installation, if you need on-site service, you can call us and our company will immediately send someone to the site in the shortest time. Our company shall take full responsibility for the loss caused by our personnel's guidance error. The 12-month warranty period shall be from the date of acceptance. During the warranty period, if the product quality problems are caused by our company's design and manufacturing reasons, our company shall undertake your repair, replacement and return guarantee. After the warranty period, no matter what causes the quality problems of the products, our company will still repair them for free or replace them at cost price.
4. Technical training
If necessary, our company will train technical personnel for users, including: basic knowledge of electrician, cable structure and characteristics, basic knowledge and precautions of cable operation, cable manufacturing process, electric inspection means, etc.

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